What is a PPO ?? (Preferred Provider Organization) -- PPO plans are designed for people who want to see licensed Physicians and health care professionals and are willing to pay a little more for it. Visits to Specialists may be made without a referral form from your personal Doctor. PPO’s offer in- and out- of network services. You will pay more with out-of-network services.

What is an HMO ?? (Health Maintenance Organization) -- HMO plans are designed for people who want more predictable costs and one Doctor to coordinate all of your medical care. Services are made available through in-network providers contracted with the carrier.

What is an HSA?? (Health Savings Account) -- A high deductible PPO plan allows you to use a Health Savings Account. These plans have a high medical and pharmacy deductible. You have options that can help you choose the care that is right for you – while keeping control over your health care dollars.

Short Term Medical Health Insurance – Perfect for (1) those between health insurance plans; (2) college students and graduates; (3) part time or temporary employees; and (4) those unemployed or laid off.

Special Features:

(1) coverage available for any time period (from 1 – 6 months)
(2) single payment discount for 30 to 180 days of coverage
(3) unlimited re-applies
(4) freedom to choose any Doctor or hospital
(5) $ 2 Million maximum per covered person